Friday, August 23, 2013

The Elvish Ways

This week has been the perfect week, no day job and the week before classes start. Just as I was starting this perfect week, I get a request to create an Elvish dress. SCORE!

So here is where I started.  Simplicity Pattern 9891. We're doing a version of "A" or the one on the upper right side. 

Because the dress is so full, pieces 2 and 3 have two pieces that have to be attached. This is done by simply matching the target marks and tape. 

We're using velvet for the entire dress, including the sleeves and nixing the sash. Once all of the pieces are cut, they go together simply putting the front together first and then the back. 

Now I also added ties in the front. So cut 16 pieces of a coordinating rat-tail, and place them about an inch and a half apart on the sides front center piece (1). 

I stay stitch these before putting on the front side pieces. 

Then sew the side front pieces to the center front. 

Do the same for the back center and the back side pieces.

Match the shoulders. 

This is one of the few times that I choose to sew up the sides before sewing in the sleeves. 

Then on to the sleeves. Match one sleeve front to sleeve back. 

Because we are not going to line the sleeves (which you could) I did a French Seam along the long underside of the sleeves. This leaves a neat finish when you look at the sleeves. 

Now once you have the sleeves finished, attach them to the arm holes. This is one instance that I pin. Pin every inch or so. 

The easiest way to sew this is with the presser foot on the inside. 

Add facing and hem the bottom and sleeves. Then you're ready to trim. 

Since this was a consignment piece, I gave a few options on trim. 

After the trim is sewn. You're all finished. 

And I love the Celtic style sleeves.

As always, you can check out my stuff here. 
This has really been a fun project. I can't wait to see it on the elf buying it!