Thursday, March 9, 2017

Being Unique is not for the faint of heart

One thing that keeps coming up in my life is "unique"

If you have ever seen me in person, you will quickly learn that I am apologetically me. I know what I like, I know who I am, and quite frankly, I'm not all that concerned whether you approve or not. 

I love working with girls in my muggle life. Especially in an environment that encourages me to be who I am. Every day that I am there, it is more and more clear that girls are not told enough that it is okay to be who they are. And it is no wonder when we live in an environment where we work so hard to "fit in". If we are trying to fit in, how can we stand out?

Now, being unique is not easy. People say all of the time that you shouldn't care what people think, but the fact is, we are trained to be very concerned with what people think, so straying away from that can be a scary thing. People will talk about you. Some will love you, some will hate you, what you have to remember is, do these people really mean anything to you? If not, then why do you care what they think?

My tribe doesn't always agree with what I'm wearing, doing, or how I'm expressing myself, but they support me doing it 100%. Having that support system in place helps me to be fearless in my uniqueness. 

Not only in my muggle world, but in my everyday life of corsets, cosplay, and steampunk, I strive to encourage everyone to express themselves the way they imagine. Let me help you do you. If that means I'm going to get the odd look or three or fifty, I'm okay with that. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Resolutions....I don't do those.

I've never been one to do the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing. It just never really struck me as something that really made sense. If you want to change something in your life, why at the new year? Why not in that moment?

I have read that starting (or breaking) a habit is easier to do at the beginning of the month because it takes 30 days for a habit to form. But statistically, New Year's Resolutions are broken before Spring.

Now I do reflect on the year past, and this year there is a lot of reflecting to do! I was in a very dark place at this point last year. On Dec. 5th 2015 my van was totaled in a hit and skip accident. There was some debate over who the driver was, the drunk guy with no licence, or the distraught girl with no licence. At any rate, it was an ugly ordeal, and it took the great kindness of friends, loyal customers, and a bit of burly magic for me to recover. And today I can say that I finally feel as if I am making some ground with getting back to where I was before the accident.

This year was full of busting tail and figuring things out. With the blessing of a new (to me) PT Cruiser there's been a bit of a learning curve on how to be able to work a show, and more importantly how to work an outdoor show! There is a huge difference between the mini van and the cruiser, but she's a good little car, and she has great potential.

While I've come a long way from where I was a year ago, I'm still a leap away from where I want to be. This year will be another year of shaking my tail feathers to make every step forward that I possibly can. I see my dreams, I set my goals, and I'll get there.

In the mean time, I'll keep chugging, and I'll call on all of you to share my work with everyone you know. Share/Retweet/Post when you see something you love. Share my cards when some one is looking for a seamstress. Follow my blogs/Facebook page and group and other social media. And comment where you feel called to. And if you have a fancy for something fancy, remember me. ;)