Friday, June 28, 2013

A Bit of Bustle

Last week a friend posted to facebook a photo of herself and her husband from a wedding "photo booth" set up. Upon seeing the photo it struck me that I had the very same fabric in my stash as the backdrop in the photo. That made me want to pull it out and play. But what to do with it? 

Then, as many days, I found myself in the fabric store and found the most beautiful crushed velvet on clearance. Instantly I knew what I was to do. 

The dress herself is a simple cut and a familiar pattern, and the apron included in the pattern. Of course this would not do alone, I had to top it. 

The bustle and train attach to the apron on the sides. 

It is very adjustable, so the bustles could be longer. 

Next up will be some undergarments and accessories to go with it. Hopefully I'll be able to arrange a photo shoot with models soon as well. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Updating, Posting, and Trying to Fight a Head Cold

Ohio weather can be a bit troublesome on the sinuses. This weekend is one of those times. As I sit here surrounded by bolts and boxes of lovely fabric and a band new Viking sewing machine I feel my heart sing out to create, but my head being filled with gunk says, "um...I don't think so." So what's a sewing wench to do when she feels the drive to create but her body rejects such notions? Well, she updates her blog and shops!

Back in March I posted a tutorial on a peasant dress for toddlers. If you missed it, you can find it here.  At the time I hadn't gotten to posting it to the Etsy shop. Now it's here, and ready for sale.

You may notice in that listing that I show the peasant dress with an overdress as well. That dress is listed here, (and pictured below). While that wasn't made on my new machine, it is still a very lovely piece and will soon have some to match it's elegance. 

While toddlers seem to be my favorite area to work in while I'm between custom orders, I also have a couple of child size costumes in the works including a highland boy and a court dress for about an 8 year old. 

For now, I'm off to de-gunk my head!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Adventure Continues

Well, I made it through the sewing expo with out buying a lot of fabric. In fact, I didn't buy any fabric. What I did buy was a Viking Sewing/Embroidery Machine. (insert rolly eye emoticon here)

This is it (stock photo), plus a quilting table attachment. All in all it was a great deal and I couldn't wait to try it out.

It sews like a dream, and quicker than my Project Runway machine that I have been using. And the long quilting attachment is wonderful for these heavy lengths of fabric that I tend to use. I wish I had this before I started the kilts! But when I go to use the embroidery I end up with this:

Not at all the brilliant work I was promised. 

I've been working with another seamstress who knows embroidery well more than I do and she's given me some tips, but this machine also comes with free lessons. That's on this morning's task list, call and inquire about the lessons.

In the mean time, as I mentioned, it sews like a dream and I've created these lovely tartan garters.

This is done in Black Watch and was created at the request of the bride buying kilts of the same tartan for her wedding. 

And the Royal Stewart I found as a ribbon, then found yardage of it, so if you need a kilt (men's, women's, or child's) or a flower girl dress to match I can do that as well.

You'll find these garters in my Etsy shop here. We'll be adding in Scottish National soon as well.

Hopefully, I'll master my new machine soon and we'll have lots more products to offer!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Temptation Lurks

Today begins The Creative Festival in Sharonville. This event is a huge place filled with demos, displays, classes, and of course venders selling everything from hand sewn dolls, sewing machines including embroidery and free arm quilting machines, and fabric. I haven't been doing as well on my mission of dwindling down my stash as I started out at the beginning of the year, and this show is going to be a huge temptation for me. So I've enlisted a chaperon.

My favorite bag lady, Heather who makes trendy modern bags, is venturing out with me. She also shares my passion for sewing and fabric, but is a bit more level headed when it comes to buying. 

I have decided to buy an embroidery machine, and this would be a great place to try them out and play before I buy, but the fabric is just...amazing.

Wish me luck!