Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saying Goodbye to a Bolt

Everyone has memories that seem to last forever. Your first kiss, your first crush, your first car, your first date, etc... Well, this was my first mad hording of a bolt of fabric. 


I remember very clearly finding this bolt of blue/black/white plaid flannel on the $1 rack at Walmart. I fell in love with the fabric and bought the entire 10 yard bolt. Then I went back a week later, found and bought another 10 yard bolt.  

This was the first fabric I made kilts from. And the first fabric I made toddler's dresses from. 

This past summer it was nick-named "TARDIS Plaid" and a pre-teen Whovien girl wore it to the local Renaissance fair.

This fabric has been with me almost since the beginning of my passion. While it is good that I am completing my mission to deplete my monstrous stash, it's kind of a bitter sweet feeling this time. 

There are still a few yards left, so if you'd like to have your piece of this TARDIS Plaid before it's gone contact me here in my Etsy Shop or here through Facebook. 

Good bye old friend.

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