Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Love yourself anew

Recently I shared this article on my Facebook page.  I love every word of it mainly because I can relate to so much of it. But I wanted to add my take on it.

The reason this topic speaks so close to my heart at this time is that I was surrounded by this very notion at my last event. "I'm too boxy" "I have no waist" "I have too much hip" "I never can find a corset that fits me properly"


This is exactly the point. There are beautiful corsets out there on the market that you can get off the rack and have a lovely night out it, but they are not going to fit you the way a custom made corset will.

The thing about a corset made to your measurements by a skilled corset maker is that it will fit you like no other piece of clothing you have ever had. The point isn't to change your body (though that is an entire method and can be the point, but it's not the main one so never mind that) no, think of a corset more like other shape-ware. Like control top pantyhose for your whole torso.

A corset should feel like an extension of your body. It should hug your natural shape like Saran wrap on the roll. It should be an empowering experience that shows you all that you have to love.

We are all shaped differently. We all squish differently. A corset hand made for you by a maker will squish you properly so that it is comfortable and support you. Think about it, if a garment holds your body in better posture, literally forces you to stand tall and hold your chin up, how can you do anything but feel absolutely fabulous? It's impossible....well maybe not impossible, but it certainly takes some effort.

Having a corset hand made to you is not cheap by any means, but it is well worth every cent. There are a lot of things that goes into shaping a corset to your body, a lot of skill, a lot of work, special tools and materials. I tell everyone I meet that it is an experience that you should treat yourself to at least once in your life. And that comes not from some one who makes her living off of other people having this experience, but as some one who wears corsets and knows the feeling of having that support even when it is hard to hold your head up on your own.

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