Thursday, June 13, 2013

Temptation Lurks

Today begins The Creative Festival in Sharonville. This event is a huge place filled with demos, displays, classes, and of course venders selling everything from hand sewn dolls, sewing machines including embroidery and free arm quilting machines, and fabric. I haven't been doing as well on my mission of dwindling down my stash as I started out at the beginning of the year, and this show is going to be a huge temptation for me. So I've enlisted a chaperon.

My favorite bag lady, Heather who makes trendy modern bags, is venturing out with me. She also shares my passion for sewing and fabric, but is a bit more level headed when it comes to buying. 

I have decided to buy an embroidery machine, and this would be a great place to try them out and play before I buy, but the fabric is just...amazing.

Wish me luck!

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